Operation London Bridge’ report leaked, revealing confidential information

London; Leader Online: Britain says how disciplined everyone is. The administration is disciplined along with the citizens of this country. The country is known all over the world for carrying out any work in a planned manner. The leak of a confidential report on Queen Elizabeth directly from this country, ‘Operation London Bridge’, has led to reports of preparations being made for Queen Elizabeth’s death before and after her death. Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace sources declined to comment on the leak of Operation London Bridge.

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What is ‘Operation London Bridge’

According to media reports, ‘Operation London Bridge’ is a confidential report on Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth is currently 95 years old. She has held the longest reign in the British monarchy. But this is a report that knows what to do after his death.

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What is the information in the report?

Politico, a US-based news agency, has claimed that confidential information was obtained from Operation London Bridge. According to the report, the report mentions the role of administrative planning after the death of Queen Elizabeth and the role of Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth’s successor.

He will be buried 10 days after Queen Elizabeth’s death. Prior to that, Prince Charles, son, and successor of Queen Elizabeth will tour the country. He will also tour four countries.

Queen Elizabeth’s body will be laid to rest in Parliament for three days. At this time, millions of citizens of the country will come for introspection. There will be a huge crowd in London. Due to the crowd, the citizens will also feel a shortage of food. The report also predicts that the police system will face insufficient manpower.

Security operations should also be prepared to control the huge crowds. Politico also said that the national mourning would be declared on the day of the funeral.

In 2017, an article on ‘Operation London Bridge’ was published in The Guardian. The article states that after the death of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles will be her successor. Sources at Buckingham Palace, meanwhile, declined to comment on the report.

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