The robotic tank will soon enter the Russian army

MOSCOW: Russia has unveiled its second robot tank (UGV) Mercar Unmanned Ground Vehicle amid rising tensions with the United States. This robotic tank can patrol hundreds of kilometers without any human assistance. He carries with him a whole army of swarm drones!

Russia’s new weapon can destroy enemy positions in an instant. This is Russia’s second robot tank after ‘Uran-9’. The user trial of this tank is currently underway and soon this tank will enter the Russian army.

The Mercury Unmanned Ground Vehicle is manufactured by the Russian arms company Foundation for Advanced Studies. The tank is equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun. Hundreds of rounds of firing can be fired every minute with the help of this machine gun.

In addition, these robot tanks also have guided anti-tank missiles. The swarm drones in these tanks can fly in a matter of minutes to gather intelligence and be used to destroy enemy bases. These tanks have been tested in the Chelyabinsk mountain range.

At that time, this tank covered a distance of one hundred kilometers completely independently. This tank finds its own way with the help of cameras and other sensors. He also protects himself from obstacles.

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