City lockdown in China’s Fujian province; Fear of the Delta variant

Many countries, including the United States, have accused China of being behind the Covid-19 epidemic. During the Corona epidemic, many countries around the world witnessed the ordeal of death. Therefore, the world is watching China’s every move. The discovery of a delta variant of the corona virus has once again caused a stir in China. China, which has not flouted the Corona Prevention Act, has once again imposed a strict lockdown on the city.

Some delta variants of the corona virus have been found in the city of Xiamen in China’s northeastern Fujian province. Strict lockdown has been imposed in the city following the discovery of corona virus patients in the city, which is famous for manufacturing electronic products. Hotels, bars, cinemas, gyms and libraries have been closed for tourism in the coastal city, the local administration said in a press conference. The Times of India has published this news, which will raise the concern of the world.

Apart from Xiamen, 103 delta variant patients have been found in other cities in Fujian province. A student at a school in Xiamen City was diagnosed with coronary heart disease. The parents of this student had come from abroad a few days back. They were also found to be obstructed.

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