Now armed robots will patrol disturbed borders, capable of gathering intelligence and firing bullets

Lod (Israel), ap. The day is not far when robots will be seen firing bullets even on the battlefield. An Israeli defense company has developed a similar robot that can patrol the battlefield, prevent infiltration and fire bullets. This unmanned vehicle is the most recent version of drone technology, which is rapidly reshaping the modern battlefield.

Robots will decide life and death

Proponents say the semi-autonomous machine would enable armies to protect their soldiers, while critics fear it could prove to be a dangerous move, as robots would decide life and death. The four-wheeled robot, which was made public on Monday, has been developed by Israel’s state-owned aerospace industry REX MKII.

Operation with electronic tablet

It is operated from an electronic tablet and can be fitted with two machine guns, cameras and sensors, said Rani Avni, deputy head of the company’s autonomous systems division. This robot is capable of gathering intelligence for soldiers as well as transporting wounded soldiers, delivering goods to the battlefield and targeting close targets.

Jaguar equipped with machine gun was deployed on the border

It is more advanced than the more than half a dozen unmanned vehicles developed by ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of Aerospace Industries, over the past 15 years. The Israeli military is currently using a similar smaller vehicle, the Jaguar, to patrol the borders with the Gaza Strip and enforce sanctions imposed in 2007. According to the website of the Israeli army, a Jaguar armed with a machine gun has been prepared to patrol the border with the Gaza Strip.

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