Media relations

LLC UKRAGROCONSULT CENTER interacts with the Ukrainian and foreign media in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine “On Information,” “On Printed Media,” “On Television and Radio Broadcasting,” “On Information Agencies,” “On Access to Public Information” and other regulatory acts, the Company Statute, UkrAgroConsult’s orders and  Regulation “ON THE PROCEDURE OF INTERACTING with the media and journalists.”

1. All contacts with the media and journalists shall only be possible through an Authorized person in charge of media relations. A request is to be previously made:

2. The journalists are to plan interviews with UkrAgroConsult employees in advance, notify the Authorized person of such an intention, specify the subject of the talk / material, size and tentative date of the material’s publication, and ask for approval of the interview time.

3. The employees only give interviews / materials on condition that the latter shall be used solely as UkrAgroConsult’s opinion, not as an alternative opinion nor combined with other authors.

4. The legal status of the interview participants is defined in such a way that both interviewer and interviewee are co-authors of the interview.

5. When planning an interview/preparing materials with UkrAgroConsult employees, the journalists must be aware of possible limits on the subject of communication due to confidentiality restrictions.

6. As co-authors, the media outlet’s representatives shall familiarize the UkrAgroConsult employee with the material prepared for dissemination. The employee may amend the text of own answers/materials if necessary.

7. If the received questions/inquiries go beyond the competence or constitute a commercial secret, the UkrAgroConsult employee may use the phrase “no comment.”

8. Within _3__days after the publication, the media outlet’s representatives and / or journalists shall be obliged to send the Authorized person in charge of media relations a link to or a copy of the published material, or to prove the fact of publication by any other means.

9. The Authorized person in charge of media relations monitors publications in printed, television, radio broadcasting and other media outlets. In case of revealing publications that contradict the reality, the Authorized person provides options of responding to them.