The team

Sergey Feofilov – founder and Director General of UkrAgroConsult, Ph.D. in Economics

He is the founder of “UkrAgroConsult” - the first consulting agency in Ukraine specializing in agricultural sector. Sergey Feofilov has many years of experience in analyzing the agri sector of Ukraine and the Black Sea region. He was trained under a number of national and international programs (1997 – UK, 2006 – USA). Mr. Feofilov is a regular speaker on agricultural topics at major international conferences.

Bohdan Chomiak - partner

Started his agricultural career as a farmer. He was the Head of Research Center of Agriculture under the Government of Canada for five years and later was appointed as Dean of the University of Agriculture of Canada, Olds College. In the 90s, Mr. Chomiak came to Ukraine with Canadian training programs for Ukrainian farmers. Headed the branch of Agriculture USAID in Ukraine.

Grain market:

Elizaveta Malyshko

Marina Sych

Olena Hesova

Oilseeds and vegetable oils market:

Yulia Garkavenko

Svetlana Kupreeva

Logistics sector:

Maxim Kharchenko

Business projects on agriculture and food industry:

Olga Mozgovaya

Tatiana Braginets

Brand manager

Yulia Starostina

Conferences, seminars, crop/business tours:

Oleg Volynskiy

Marketing and sales:

Dmitry Kharitonov


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