Svetlana Kupreeva

Svetlana Kupreeva – expert of oilseed and vegoil marketSvetlana Kupreeva – expert of oilseed and vegoil market at "UkrAgroConsult " (2016).

Svetlana is specializing in oilseed and vegoil market of Ukraine and Black Sea countries, focusing on S&D balances, price research, monitoring production and foreign trade activity.

Svetlana is an author of UkrAgroConsult’s specialized weekly Newsletter "Black Sea Vegoils & CIS" (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Belarus).





Analyst's publications:


Ukraine to press Russia in the Turkish vegoil market


Sunoil trade persists to be a topical issue for the Black Sea countries in MY 2016/17, when they face a task to process and sell a bumper sunseed crop. UkrAgroConsult already wrote before that end markets had been redistributed over the last three seasons between the key competitors, i.e. Ukraine and Russia. The current marketing year continues showing previously set trends.

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Problem of banned Ukrainian meal imports to Belarus is greatly exaggerated


Belarus has always faced a shortage of vegoils and protein. Rapeseed, being the protein oil crop most adapted to the country’s soil and climate conditions, is purposed to at least minimize this problem, if not solve it.

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Will Ukrainian sunoil withstand competition?

The bumper sunseed crop Ukrainian growers managed to harvest in 2016 – 14 MMT (UkrAgroConsult’s estimate) – predictably matters in the 2016/17 season. Justifying expectations of analysts and market participants, both sunseed crushing and sunoil exports show a record pace. So, sunoil production by large and medium-sized crushers in the five months of 2016/17 is estimated at 2.5 MMT and this product’s exports exceed 2.2 MMT. In addition, sunseed itself is actively shipped to foreign markets.

Ukrainian refined sunoil matched Asian consumers’ taste


Refined sunoil production in Ukraine has been fluctuating within 550-675 KMT a season over the last several years. Although the current marketing year features a bumper crop and a record fast sunseed crushing, production of refined sunoil in the past five months of 2016/17 is at its three-year average of 264.2 KMT, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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Ukraine. Soybean crushers losing to exporters


In the current season 2016/17 features a bumper soybean harvest in Ukraine, which is estimated by UkrAgroConsult at 4 MMT. At the same time, according to UkrAgroConsult, the crusher interest in soybeans is declining. The main reason is decreased domestic demand for soybean products, primarily soybean meal as a basis for poultry feed. Statistics show a downward trend in poultry inventories. They sank by almost 2% over the year (195,117 Th head as of February 1, 2017 against 198,964 Th head a year ago).

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Year 2017 as a test for the Ukrainian mayonnaise market


The mayonnaise market in Ukraine experienced hard times in the last two years. As a reminder, it passed a few development stages, beginning from the consumer market saturation period in 2003-2007, a slight production decline towards 2010 and subsequent stabilization in 2010-2013. The following period (2014-2015) saw a slump in outputs. So, mayonnaise production plummeted to 126.1 KMT in 2015 against a record 183.5 KMT in 2007. That was how mayonnaise makers responded to sinking demand both in the domestic and foreign markets.

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Oilseed cultivation in Russia still profitable


Russia’s Ag Ministry announced its preliminary forecast for the 2017/18 cropping pattern.

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Ukraine. State price regulation becoming history


A pilot project was in effect in Ukraine from October - December 2016 under which the government “let go” prices for socially sensitive goods. As a reminder, a regulation had been in force since as early as 2007 that made it mandatory to declare price raises for all socially sensitive foods by more than 1% a month, i.e. the producers were obliged to receive permit for changing the price. The government resolution No. 656 of September 22, 2016 suspended this regulation for the period from October 1, 2016 till January 1, 2017.

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Bulgaria shifting the sunseed use priority to crushing


Bulgarian growers managed to get 1701 KMT of sunseed in 2016/17 season, down less than 0.5% from last year’s harvest, UkrAgroConsult reports.

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Russian growers may expand rapeseed plantings


The interest of Russian farmers in rapeseed growing has somewhat declined over recent years. According to preliminary estimates by Russia’s Agriculture Ministry, growers managed to harvest 1.4% less rapeseed in the current season 2016/17 than a year ago – 998 KMT. This result can be regarded as satisfactory, taking into account that it was gained despite a planted acreage drop, heavy winter losses and a yield below the five-year average, reports UkrAgoConsult.

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China cutting soybean oil purchases from the Black Sea region


According to forecasts for MY 2016/17, China – the world’s top soybean oil consumer – will increase domestic use of this product. Apart from growth of own production, imports are also expected to rise, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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Ukraine. Prospects of oilseed production in 2017/18 season


The interest in oilseeds growing has strengthened considerably over the last decade. As a result, plantings for MY 2016/17 expanded to 8.9 Ml ha against 6.3 Ml ha in MY 2007/08. As sunseed is the most remunerable oilseed, exactly sunflower accounts for 65-70% of planted acreage, and its share will reach 71% in the current marketing year.

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Bulgaria to compensate for rapeseed shortage in the EU market


Bulgaria’s 2016/17 rapeseed planted acreage was reduced by 2.3% to 170 Th ha that is somewhat below its long-term average. Favorable weather conditions allowed farmers to get a record rapeseed yield in 2016/17. The total rapeseed crop consequently hit 493.1 KMT in 2016/17, i.e. exceeded the most optimistic expectations.

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Russia losing Kazakhstan’s market of sunflower oil


A State Program for 2017-2021 agriculture development has been worked out in Kazakhstan, envisaging an accelerated pace of the agricultural sector’s development and enhancement of its role in the national economy in the coming five years.

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Russia. Oilseed harvest surpasses all expectations


Oilseeds harvesting in Russia is drawing to a close. Will grower expectations and analyst forecasts be justified? While it is already clear now that the oilseed harvest will surpass all estimates of specialists, the question about production profitability has not an unambiguous answer yet, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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Retail networks keep Ukraine sunoil prices from rebounding


UkrAgroConsult has repeatedly touched upon the subject of retail trade in fat-and-oil products and now we’ll continue monitoring developments in this market segment in the terms of “let go” prices for socially sensitive goods.

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Linseed looks promising for Ukrainian farmers


In Ukraine linseed belongs to niche agricultural crops, which require further advanced processing and are used in related industries such as pharmaceutical, confectionery, textile and others, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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Ukraine reduces sunflower oil consumption


The share of sunflower oil in the structure of Ukrainian vegetable oils production is nearly 96%. In this regard, it’s logical that the majority of population prefers sunflower oil. It should be noted that total consumption of vegetable oils by population of Ukraine has decreased over the past year.

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Ukrainian sunflower seed market: 2015/16 season results


The 2015/16 marketing year was quite successful for Ukraine in markets of sunflower seed and its processed products, reports UkrAgroConsult. All-time high sunseed production at 11760 KMT was the key to such a success. Favorable agro-meteorological conditions allowed obtaining the best result on close to record planted area, owing to minimal losses and high productivity.

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Belarus tries out Ukrainian rapeseed meal


Belarusian farmers have finished rapeseed harvesting. Oilseeds and their processed products self-sufficiency remains the topical issue in the country these days.

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Bulgarians disappointed with sunflower seed production


By the end of September Bulgarian farmers had harvested most of oil crops and, therefore, we can speak about prospects and potential of the new 2016/17 crop.

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Ukrainian soybean complex conquers new markets


In the 2015/16 season Ukrainian farmers obtained all-time high soybean crop - 3927 KMT. Firstly, this result was achieved owing to acreage expansion to record 2200 Th ha.

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Russia forces Ukraine out of Turkish sunflower oil market


As UkrAgroConsult previously reported, in September 2016 Turkey has decided to raise duties on safflower and sunflower oil imports. Import duty on safflower was raised from 4% to 23.4%, while the duty on raw sunflower oil imports increased from 12% to 36%, on processed - from 50% to 67.5% per 1 MT. Such measures are taken in order to protect local oilseeds producers and crushers.

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Russian rapeseed: crushing to overcome exports


In the 2015/16 marketing year rapeseed gross production in Russia reached slightly more than 1000 KMT. This result was obtained in conditions of decreasing planted area for the second consecutive seasons to 1038 Th ha compared with record 1326 Th ha in the 2013/14 marketing year. In addition to acreage reduction, the productivity has also declined to 1.12 MT/ha.

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Linseed and sunflower oust rapeseed from Kazakh fields


In Kazakhstan oilseeds planted area for 2016/17 crop increased to 2118 Th ha compared to 2101 Th ha last year. Planted area approached the 2014/15 season’s level, when the acreage reached all-time high at 2413 Th ha. Despite rains, weather conditions allowed farmers to conduct seeding within optimum time.

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