April 18, 2018

Session 1: «Global Trends in the Agricultural Market»

Moderator - Matt Ammermann, Vice-president, Eastern Europe/Black Sea Region, INTLFCStone Financial Inc.


Discussion Panel: «Black Sea Region. Sources and Limits of Growth in The Agricultural Sector»

Moderator - Sergey Feofilov, Director General, UkrAgroConsult


April 19, 2018

Special Presentation: «Agribusiness & Cryptocurrency»


Session 1: «Main Grain and Oil Crops Suppliers: Key Regional Trends»

Moderator - Alexandre Tchesnakoff, Deputy Board Member Credit Agricole Bank


Session 2: «Grain processing and other sources of additional profits»

Moderator - Jean-Jacques Herve, Vice–preseident French-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce


Case-session: «From Volume to Value»

Moderator - Bohdan Chomiak, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine