Agroconsult: Soybean sales will be slow in Brazil until the harvest


The uncertain market will keep soybean sales slow in Brazil until the harvest start, according to a news release of Agroconsult. The advanced sales were in a faster in the period of last year because of the optimism generated by the perspective of a confirmed shortage of the US drought. The situation now is quite different because the weather has been good in North America and the US would set a record of grain production.

The advanced sales of the 2013/2014 season in Brazil are at 35 percent of the total forecast volume. During the eve of the 2012/2013 season, nearly 50 percent of the volume were already sold. Agroconsult projects that the sales could just reach 40 percent this year. Last year, the advanced sales reached 70 percent of the sales during the harvest time.

André Pessoa, Agroconsult’s director, told a Reuters reporter that predictable transportation difficulties for the first semester are also breaking early sales. As a result of a new truckers law, transportation companies are more realistic in Brazil and saying there are not going to afford doing major freights.