Arbuzov: Government to improve Ukraine's investment attractiveness


The Ukrainian government is making every effort to improve the business environment in the country.

First Deputy Prime Minister Serhiy Arbuzov said this at a meeting with members of the European Business Association (EBA) on Friday, according the government portal.

"We are definitely ready to strengthen the index of Ukraine's investment attractiveness, and we will adopt the necessary laws this autumn. We will walk a clear and transparent path. The government is interested in this," Arbuzov said.

During the meeting, EBA representatives raised the issues of laws on bills of exchange and transfer pricing, which were recently passed by parliament. The first deputy prime minister assured them that the law on transfer pricing would have a positive effect on the economy, despite the fact that MPs approved this document very cautiously.

At the same time, Arbuzov said that the use of bills of exchange is optional: "This is an opportunity, rather than an obligation. If you want, you can use them. Nobody cancelled real money," he said. The first deputy prime minister said that the government provides at least three directions for the use of bills of exchange, in particular, debt reimbursement, VAT refunds and credits.

Arbuzov also proposed that the European Business Association apply to the Cabinet of Ministers for explanations if entrepreneurs face difficulties associated with the introduction of laws in force.

The sides also discussed the anti-raider commission, which is headed by the first deputy prime minister.

"Our goal is to consider concrete cases, and intervene in the process. Time will pass, and you will see that the state is really concerned about the takeover of enterprises. The commission will meet next week, and a list of issues has already been determined. By the way, we'll start with the questions that were submitted by the European Business Association," Arbuzov said.