Bangladesh imports 200,000 tons of Ukrainian wheat


In the current financial year, Bangladesh government plans to import 850,000 tons of wheat, including about 200,000 tons - from Ukraine within the frames of the intergovernmental agreement.

A purchase price of Ukrainian wheat is USD 307/ton, Ukrinform reports referring to Zerno Online.

“Bangladesh depends very much on wheat imports, since domestic production of this crop does not provide even half of internal consumption. By forecasts of the U.S. MSG, Bangladesh will import 3.0 million tons of wheat in the season of 2013/2014 (+0.4 million against the previous season). Domestic consumption will be 4.1 (+0.1) million tons,” the publication informs.

The initial wheat stocks in the current season, by estimates of the U.S. Agriculture Department, are 846,000 tons (-250,000). According to data as of July 17, wheat state stocks have not exceeded 236,000 tons.