Belarus retail trade 19.2% up in H1 2013


Retail trade totaled Br115.9 trillion in Belarus in H1 2013, 19.2% up from H1 2012, representatives of the National Statistics Committee told BelTA.

In January-June 2013 Belarusians bought Br58.6 trillion worth of food, beverages, and tobacco products as well as Br57.3 trillion worth of non-foods, 111.6% and 127% as against H1 2012 respectively.

In H1 2013 commercial organizations sold food, beverages, and tobacco products to the tune of Br50.8 trillion, 112% as against H1 2012 in comparable prices. Sales of cognac, cognac beverages, and brandy rose by 47.5%, baby food 22.9% up, vegetables 19.4% up, fish, crustaceans and mollusks 18.9% up, grape wines 16.3% up, fruits 13.6% up, confectionery products made of sugar 13.5% up.

In January-June 2013 commercial organizations sold Br42.8 trillion worth of non-foods, 74.7% of the total non-foods sold and 28.8% up from the same period of last year. Sales of underwear rose by 40.6%, perfumery, cosmetics, and personal care items 40% up, automobiles 33.4% up, construction materials 28.3% up, pharmaceutical products 23% up, televisions 18.9% up.

The share of Belarus-made products in the total volume of merchandise sold by commercial organizations in H1 2013 stood at 71.5% of the total retail trade, including 82.8% in foods, beverages, and tobacco products and 55.9% in non-foods.