CASI redeems facilities of Agrupalmería


At the last General Assembly, the members of CASI (Cooperativa Agrícola San Isidro) approved the purchase of facilities Agrupalmería. These facilities, located north of Almeria airport are redeemed for € 14.5 million.
Facilities include 16,945 m2 of floor space, with 18,654 m2 in the basement, 1600 m2 of office space, 267 m2 of sales area and an adjoining 7,000 m2.
This operation is described by the president of the cooperative CASI as a "historic opportunity" to strengthen its leadership on the tomato market. To 2000 partners and employees of CASI joins the 300 who work for Agrupalmería. Which will help to increase by 15 to 20% of the volumes commercialized.