China: Soybean imports 5% down on year in January to June 2013


China’s customs authorities report that China’s soybean imports decreased by 5% to 27.5 mln t in January to May 2013 compared to the 29.1 mln t imported in the same period of last year. The imports from Brazil increased slightly to 13.4 (13.3) mln t, those from the USA fell to 12.5 (14.3) mln t and from Argentina to 917,000 (1.3 mln) t, while those from Canada rose to 420,000 (87,000) t.

Rapeseed imports increased 1.8 (1.5) mln t, mainly coming from Canada with 1.6 (1.5) mln t. Soybean oil imports decreased to 425,000 (564,000) t, thereof those from Brazil to 162,000 (390,000) t and those from Argentina to 164,000 (173,000) t. Rapeseed oil imports amounted to 883,000 (490,000) t and came mainly from Canada. Palm oil imports increased to 2.8 (2.6) mln t, thereof those from Malaysia to 1.6 (1.5) mln t and those from Indonesia to 1.2 (1.1) mln t.