Consumer prices 0.1% down in July - State Statistics Service


In Ukraine, consumer prices are 0.1% down in July, at the same time, they grew by 0.1% over the first seven months of 2013.

The State Statistics Service of Ukraine informs about this.

“Consumer price indexes in July 2013 made up 99.9%, since the year start - 100.1%,” a statement reads.

According to the State Statistics Service, on the consumer market in July, prices for foodstuffs and low-alcohol drinks fell by 0.3%. Prices dropped the most for vegetables and fruits (by 6.9% and 2.2%). Prices for bacon, grain derivative products, milk, macaroni products, sunflower seed oil, beef, fish and fish products, margarine fell by 1.2-0.1%. At the same time, prices have considerably risen for eggs and sugar. Rice, butter, poultry meat, pork, fermented milk products, cheeses and bread grew in price by 1.8-0.1%.

Growth of prices for alcoholic drinks, tobacco goods by 0.9% primarily was caused by the rise of prices for tobacco goods by 1.3%.

Growth of prices in the healthcare sector by 0.2% took place primarily at the expense of a seasonal rise of prices for sanatorium-resort services by 2.6%.

Transport prices in total rose by 0.3%, which was mainly stipulated by growth of the cost of conveyance by the railway, automobile transport by 3.5% and 0.4% respectively. At the same time, fuel and lubricants fell in price by 0.2%.

The price rise in the educational sphere by 0.2% is mainly related to a rise of prices for services of preschool and primary education establishments by 0.9%.