Export of oilmeals down 24% in April- July 2013


Total export of oilmeals during April-July 2013 was down by 24% and reported at 1,027,962 tonnes compared to 1,356,737 tonnes during the same period of last year, according Solvent Extrators Association of India. The export of oilmeals during July 2013 was reported at 177,011 tonnes compared to 282,703 tonnes in July 2012, down by 37%. April-July export of soybean meal was drastically reduced to 516,545 tonnes from 805,748 tonnes, while rapeseed meal has maintained pace. Castor meal shipment has increased during April, May and June 2013.

Oilmeal import by South Korea from India during April-July 2013 was reported at 325,768 tonnes compared to 354,143 tonnes last year consisting of 125,583 tonnes of rapeseed meal and 200,185 tonness of castor meal. Iran imported of 363,744 tonnes compared to 451,915 tonnes, consisting 363,668 tonnes of soybean meal, and small quantity of rapeseed meal. Thailand imported 86,233 tonnes compared to 89,528 tonnes, consisting 10,079 tonnes of soybean meal, and 76,154 tonnes of rapeseed meal. Vietnam imported of 39,110 tonnes compared to 144,611 tonnes last year consisting of 8,547 tonnes of rapeseed meal, 797 tonnes of castor meal, 766 tonnes of soybean meal and entire quantity of 29,000 tonnes of rice bran extraction.

Indonesia imported 29,375 tonnes compared to 72,724 tonnes of last year consisting of 24,514 tonnes of rapeseed meal and 4,861 tonnes of soybean meal. Europe and others have imported 110,134 tonnes compared to 30,618 tonnes of last year. Overall export of oilmeals to all regions have fallen.