Japan. Ag Ministry Announces Results of Testing for GE Wheat


On 5 July 2013, MAFF announced that it had begun testing US Western White wheat for an unapproved genetically engineered (GE) wheat.

As the results were negative, Japan began selling its wheat stocks to Japanese industry. The announcement also noted that MAFF tested all library samples covering all classes of U.S. wheat imported between October 2012 and May 2013, and all test results were negative.

In response to the finding of unapproved genetically engineered (GE) wheat in the US, on 3 July 2013, MAFF started testing the wheat (Western White) which MAFF has been holding from release to the market. The testing method used was developed by MHLW.

All tests thus far are negative and because of this, MAFF will start to sell the wheat.

Further, MAFF intends to resume tenders after the Ministry of Agriculture establishes the system to test for the presence of unapproved GE wheat.

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