Kazakhstan to increase grain export via China


Kazakhstan is considering additional grain supplies to South-East Asia via China, Kazakh-Zerno writes citing chairman of the State Agricultural Complex Inspection of Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry Saktash Khassenov.

“We are working on expansion of grain export and there is a positive dynamics in grain supplies to China. Additionally, we are considering export of grain to other countries in South-East Asia via China,” Khassenov said.

According to Kazakhstan Minister of Economy and Budget Planning Yerbolat Dossayev, the 2013 grain harvest will make around 15 million tons in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan planned to export 7.1 million tons of grain in 2012-2013.

Earlier Kapital.kz reported that the grain harvest was expected later this year because of the weather conditions.

In this relation Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry called Kazakhstan agricultural producers to be ready for a two-stage grain harvesting. According to the weather experts, there is enough moisture in the soil for the spring sowing campaign in most pasts of the country.