Pakistan. Prices of fruit, vegetable, chicken witness increase


Retailers and pushcart vendors have increased the prices of tomatoes, onions and garlic by Rs 90 per kg, Rs 30 per kg and Rs 40 per kg respectively. They insisted that the latest surge in the prices of vegetables was in line with the demand and supply economic principle.

Some of them said that supply from upcountry was short as the truck drivers preferred to celebrate Eid with their families. According to vendors, fruit and vegetable supply would improve after Eid holidays. The price of onion surged from Rs 30 per kg to Rs 60 per kg while the price of tomato increased from Rs 70 per kg to Rs 150 per kg. The price of potatoes increased from Rs 20 to Rs 30 per kg to Rs 40 per kg.

Garlic is being sold at Rs 200 to Rs 220 per kg, earlier it was available at Rs 160 to Rs 180 per kg. Ginger is being sold at Rs 170 to Rs 180 per kg while earlier it was available at Rs 145 to Rs 150 per kg. The prices of apples increased from Rs 50 to Rs 80 per kg to Rs 100 to Rs 130 per kg. Similarly, bananas are being sold at Rs 70 to Rs 85 per dozen, earlier they were available at Rs 60 to Rs 45 per dozen. Mango prices also increased to Rs 100 per kg, earlier it was sold at Rs 80 per kg. Besides the prices of fruits and vegetables, chicken meat price also witness an increase. Chicken meat which was tagged at Rs 230 per kg now costs Rs 290 per kg. The chicken meat retailers said that the increase in price was due to sudden surge in demand.