Peru: Andean grain exports to double this year


Peru's export of Andean grains are expected to total US$ 45 million in 2013, a 50 percent increase compared to a year earlier, Peru's Export Association, Adex said Wednesday.

Head of Adex's board of beans and other grains, German Abregu, said that Peru exported Andean grains worth US$ 34.2 million, accounting for 90 percent of total exports.

He also noted that during the first quarter of 2013, grain exports grew 62.7 percent and 30 percent in volume over the same period in 2012.

"This growth in exports has been driven by the increase in quinoa price and demand," Abregu said during the launch of the First Convention of Andean Grains.

Abregu noted that quinoa price has substantially increased in the last 13 years and it is expected to continue to rise as demand for such grain increases.  

"In 2000, the price of quinoa per kilo was one dollar, now it is over three dollars," he noted.