Romania to return to 2nd place in EU in terms of maize production


Romanian farmers will harvest this autumn a maize crop of 11.3 mmt, twice higher than that in 2012, after productivity increased by 92.5%, to 4.14 tonnes/ha, and has reached the peak of the last seven years, according to data from a recently-released July report by the European Commission and quoted by the Ziarul Financiar daily.

The maize harvest will thus be a 'breath of fresh air' of 1.5 billion euros for the economy, which at the same time will relax the costs of animal breeders and meat processors. However, the economy fails to fully benefit from the large amount of maize because much of it is exported as raw material. Half of the annual total agri-food exports of 4 billion euros are grains and livestock.

At this level, the total maize production is close to the bumper crop in 2011 and is in line with similar estimates made previously by farmers.