Serbia. This year’s wheat yields are at a record high, reaching 10 tons per hectare – Golubovic


This year’s wheat yields are at a record high, reaching around 10 tons per hectare, the estimate being that the production will total three million tons in Serbia, State Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture Danilo Golubovic told Tanjug.

The wheat yields surpassed all expectations, the quality of the seed is good, Golubovic stressed.

This means that Serbia will have around 1.5 million tons of wheat more than it needs and the possibility for exporting it, Golubovic said.

The yields are excellent and expected to be five tons per hectare, the highest yields being registered in the region around Ruma, southwestern Serbia, where they even equaled 10 tons per hectare, the state secretary underlined.

Golubovic says that this year, the Commodities Reserves has been more than fair to farmers, purchasing wheat at the price of RSD 20 per kilogram, VAT included, which is more than the market price in the region.

The purchase of 59,500 tons of wheat began on the Commodities Exchange in Novi Sad on Friday, Golubovic noted.