Tajikstandard finds no defects in Roshen products


Tajikistan has recorded no violations in terms of the quality and safety of goods produced by Roshen, Tajikistan's Asia-Plus independent news agency reported on August 3, citing Deputy Director of the Agency for Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Trade Inspection under the Government of Tajikistan Ibodullo Kurbonov.

"We are constantly inspecting products imported into Tajikistan. There have never been any defects in the products of this plant, and all products met the regulations of Tajikistan. After the media started raising this topic, we, on the proposal of the Interior Ministry, again conducted inspections, but nothing has been confirmed what the Russian media were writing," Kurbonov said.

He said that after reports in the Russian media that the Russian Federal Consumer Rights Service (Rospotrebnadzor) banned imports of Roshen confectionery because of the presence of benzopyren in the products, Tajikstandard conducted its own checks on the products of this company.

Kurbonov also said that the "dispute over Roshen products is a political game between Ukraine and Russia."

"Rospotrebnadzor repeatedly banned imports of our consumer products to Russia. And every time this was done for political reasons," he said.

As reported, Tajikistan, followed by Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova, raised the issue of the quality of confectionery produced by Ukraine's Roshen Corporation. Earlier, Russia imposed a ban on imports of Roshen confectionery products after conducting an examination.