Templeton Asset Management decreased its share in Agroton by 2%


According to the official statement released by Warsaw Stock Exchange, Templeton Asset Management Fund, a fund managing USD 53 billion worth of assets decreased its share in Agroton by 2% from 12.62% to 10.2%. Fund has sold 525 732 thousand shares, currently owning 2 209 468 shares of Agroton. Company’s price per share grew from PLN 1.98 per share of Thursday, July 30th to PLN 2.14 per share of Friday July 31st, declining again to PLN 2.00 on Monday, August 1st, 2013.        

UkrAgroConsult comment: Price per share fluctuation for the recent 3 trading sessions was affected majorly by the sale of shares by Templeton Asset Management Fund.   


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