Turkmen Ministry of Agriculture to buy special equipment


The Turkmen Ministry of Agriculture announces a tender to purchase and install laboratory equipment for elite seed farms. These are as follows:

- Mini-cotton equipment separating cotton fibres from the seed with a capacity of 50-100 kg, equipment to determine the technological quality of cotton fibre (staple length, strength, metric number or fineness, breaking length), electronic scales (0.01 - 500 grams), household scales (up to 50 kilograms) and seed cleaning equipment for wheat seed (with a capacity of up to 2 tons / hour).

It is necessary to make a bid for participation in the tender by indicating the full name, legal status and country of registration and bank details as well as obtain a package of tender documents after payment to participate in the tender.

Packages with the tender bids are accepted for consideration after getting the funds.

Applications for participation in the tender will be accepted at the Ministry of Agriculture, 92, Archabil Avenue, Ashgabat.

The deadline for bid submission is August 20, 2013.