Ukraine. Sale and usage of fumigants will be possible only for license holders


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine wants to restrict the access of ordinary citizens to fumigants. According to officials, this will enable to perform a more effective control over the circulation of fumigants and prevent their free sale. This, in its turn, will prevent poisoning of people from especially dangerous herbicides.

Today, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the draft law "On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine regarding licensing of certain types of economic activities during which takes place circulation and usage of fumigants." The document was developed and submitted for reconsideration by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. The draft law offers to restrict the access of ordinary citizens to fumigants. Thus, the right to sell and any transactions involving the transfer of property rights for the fumigant will be given exclusively to specialized entities.

In addition, it is offered to change the name of the licensed economic activity on fumigation, which, in turn, will allow to carry out fumigation only to persons who fulfill licensing requirements, not only when crossing the state border and quarantine areas, but also in other cases. Those companies that are licensed to carry out fumigation of subjects of regulation (plants and plant products), crossing the state border of Ukraine and quarantine zones, before the draft law comes into force, may perform their activities till the expiration of the license.

According to officials, the adoption of this draft law will contribute to the national security by strengthening control over fumigants circulation- especially hazardous chemicals. In addition, the adoption of the draft law will prevent the free sale of fumigants in Ukrainian market; will prevent poisoning of people by means of plant protection during the application of particularly dangerous method of treatment - fumigation.