Prices per share of Ukrainian Agrarian Holdings on Foreign Stock Exchanges, 05.08.2013
Iran's wheat output may rise 5%, hit 14.5m tons
Kazakhstan’s grain exports potential at 7-8 mmt in 2013/14 – Min Ag
World cereal production to hit record in 2013; Asia awash with rice
Renova to launch Timbues port grain terminal
Brazil. Increase in exports of orange juice
Ukraine. Borsch set at the wholesale market is 25% cheaper than in the supermarkets
On August,06 after the trading session the price of September BSW futures was stable
Corn prices – CME (CBOT)
Rapemeal prices in Europe
Kazakhstan to boost grain exports to China and SE Asia
Prysyazhnyuk: Government should ensure every small and medium agricultural producer with modern equipment
Slovenia's purchased agricultural products increased by 3%
Record US Corn Production Expected to Improve Pork Industry Profitability
China's hunger for wheat to lift prices by 10 pct
USDA to purchase more domestic sugar
Fruit storages of 5,000 tons capacity will be put into exploitation until year end - Prysiazhniuk
Wheat prices – CME (CBOT)
Canola Prices (MATIF)
DJ Vietnam July 1-18 Rice Exports At 241,668 Metric Tons-Association
Gomselmash inks cooperation memorandum with Kherson Machine-Building Plant, Ukragroleasing
KSG Agro received UAH 40 million from OTP Bank
Ukraine. Intervention fund will purchase more than 1 million tons of wheat
Black Sea Oil Trade: Effectiveness of vegoil export logistics in Ukraine
Effectiveness of vegoil export logistics in Ukraine will be characterized at the International Сonference «Black Sea Oil Trade-2013: New Markets. New Strategies» by Ton Huls, CFO, Allseeds, Ukraine.
Belarus, Kazakhstan to set up technology park for agricultural machines
Kazakhstan grain-crop forecast raised to 16 million tons by FAO
Unusually extreme uncertainty surrounds key crop report
Unica preparing to revise Brazil sugar estimates
Gomselmash sends combine harvesters to Ukraine to help local farmers with harvesting
Prices per share of Ukrainian Agrarian Holdings on Foreign Stock Exchanges, 09.08.2013
Baltic Dry Index down to 1,001 points