2014/15 grain season results


The past season was another test for Ukrainian agricultural sector. The instability of the national currency, growth of prices for key input supplies, limited access to finance, and vague export regulation were seen against the background of intensifying competition and falling grain prices in the world market.

UkrAgroConsult offers to your attention 2014/15 Grain Season Results. The publication will discuss key aspects of the past season, when Ukraine became the world’s third largest corn exporter, fourth largest barley exporter and sixth largest wheat exporter. In addition, we shall analyze changes in the grain production and domestic use pattern and in the geography of grain exports.

The publication also presents 2015/16 grain market development scenarios along with statistics appendices that include regional data on production of grain and processed products, the geography of exports, price behavior, and exporter ratings.


  1. Production of cereals

- Key trends

- Geography of growing

- Planting and yield dynamics

  1. Domestic use

- Production of flour, groats, compound feeds

- Key trends in the livestock sector

- Grain supply and demand balances

  1. Grain exports

- Ukraine’s role in global grain exports

- Main and potential destination markets for grain

- Rating of exporters

  1. Prospects of 2015/16


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