Ukrainian market of phosphatide concentrates


In recent years, a tendency of vegetable oils production growth and increase in share of refined oils has been observed in Ukrainian market. At the same time, such a product of refining as phosphatide concentrate is still not given due consideration and is deemed to be a by-product.

On the other hand, the demand for this valuable product is rapidly rising in the global market and, consequently, its price is also growing. The volume of non-GM soybean phosphatide concentrate is gradually declining in the world, and Ukrainian analogue – sunflower phosphatide concentrate – has a great chance to substitute it.

Moreover, the world market is ready to consume all sunflower phosphatide concentrate produced at Ukrainian oil extraction plants. Such global giants like Nestle, Ferrero Rocher, Unilever have already included sunflower phosphatide concentrate into the formulas of their products instead of soybean lecithin, because sunflower lecithin is not a GM-product.

Only one thing is remaining – to establish production of this valuable and in-demand product...

In the new study “Ukrainian market of phosphatide concentrates” UkrAgroConsult helps to gain insight into the following issues:

  • Which risks a company may face when producing phosphatide concentrates?
  • What is there to know and do to produce high-quality phosphatide concentrates?
  • Where to find a buyer for the goods produced?
  • How not to lose in prices?


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