Black Sea Region soya boom


The results of the Study showed the following soybean market scenario:

Ukraine became the largest soybean exporter from the Black Sea region. In 2012/2013 season about 66% of total harvest will be shipped to foreign markets. Moreover, in the next years the development of soybean processing capacities will allow increasing soymeal exports

Russia. Growth in soybean production led to the decline in soybean/soymeal imports. However, high demand from livestock sector will not allow refusing from imports in the short terms

Kazakhstan turned from net-importer into exporter of soybean, due to the high world demand for non GM products. However, the domestic market will remain a priority with a strong shortage of raw materials 

Romania. After joining the EU and imposing the ban on GM crops cultivation, Romania became dependent on South American soybean meal supplies, purchasing up to 500 KMT yearly. At the same time, Romania has its own significant production and processing potential

The study covers the following questionsand consists from two parts:

Part 1.

  • Soybean production in the countries of Black Sea region (Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan)
    • Trends in soybean production
    • Seeded acreage, yields, output, 2008-2012
    • The main producing areas
    • Soybean production forecast, 2013-2025
  • Supply and demand balances for soybean. Prospects till 2015/2016
  • Foreign trade with soybean
  • The main factors of pricing on the soybean market

Part 2.

  • Soybean processing industry in the Black Sea region countries. Soybean oil and soybean meal markets
    • Soybean processing capacities
    • The main players. Soybean meal and soybean oil production
    • Prospects on increasing the soybean processing capacities
  • Soybean consumption on the domestic markets of the countries of the Black Sea region
    • Livestock sector developments
    • Demand for soybean meal
    • Trends in livestock inventories numbers
  • Foreign trade with soybean oil and soybean meal
  • Supply and demand balances for soybean oil and soybean meal. Prospects till 2015/2016


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