Black Sea Region: Will the peak of sunseed production be reached?


Black Sea countries (Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania) are major producers of sunseed in the world. These four countries account for a lion's share of the total world production and exports of sunflower seeds.

In 2011/12 season Black Sea region collected a bumper sunseed crop over 22 million tons. This was due to a significant expansion of the areas under sunflower, as well as near-perfect weather in all the Black Sea region countries.

Due to rather tense situation which currently takes place on the global oilseed market  (especially soybeans and canola), sunseed production growth in the BSR in the new 2012/13 season may become a factor to cool the global market.

But should we expect a new record in sunseed production in the Black Sea region or its peak already has been achieved?

With this regard commodity market analyst UkrAgroConsult prepared a study:“Black Sea Region: Will the peak of sunseed production be reached?”

The study covers the following topics:

  •  Trends in the global market of oilseeds;
  •   General characteristic of sunflower market in the Black Sea region (Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania);
  •   Trends in sunflower production (acreage, yield, total yield);
  •   The margin in the production of sunflower as a determining factor in area expansion;
  •   Export-import operations in sunseed, export customs regulations;
  •   Key markets for sunseed;
  •   Supply&Demand balance in the context of crops;
  •   Prospects of sunflower production in 2012-2015.
  •   Major trends in the market price.

Language of the study - Russian and English.

The study including 4 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania, but a study of each country can be ordered separately.


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