Elevators and terminals in Ukraine: Potential and prospects


Comprehensive study using a «multi-client» system:"Elevators and terminals in Ukraine: Potential and Prospects"


In recent years, Ukrainian grain production and exports have risen to a record high, which requires changes in the structure of harvest storage and logistics.

Amount of investment in the elevator industry of Ukraine has increased, althought its flow is still insufficient. Due to the lack of capacity in the domestic market, a significant volume of the crop is stored in improper conditions.

In construction or reconstruction of existing elevators are mainly engaged large companies, which focus on export of grains and oilseeds or their products. At the same time, for the past 40 years no public enterprise for grain storage was built.

As for port capacities, they are well enough and they will be able to fully meet export needs. At the same time, the use of Dnieper River for grain transportation is not enough, and thus it makes development of its logistics infrastructure very attractive.

In the strategic planning of elevator location should be considered regional perspectives of grain and oilseed markets development, potential for reducing logistics costs, as well as diversification of the enterprise in response to the changing world market.


The study includes:


1. Main trends in grain and oilseed production in Ukraine        

1.1. Grain production  

a) General trends        

b) Agricultural technology factor         

c) Weather factor        

d) Grain production prospects 

1.2. Oilseed production          

a) General trends        

b) Oilseed production development prospects 

1.3. Domestic consumption. Consumption and grain processing trends, key consumers. Supply and demand balance in Ukraine.          

a) Food use of grain    

b) Feed use of grain    

c) Supply and demand balance for oilseeds     

1.4. Estimate of Ukraine’s grain and oilseed export potential.  

a) Ukrainian grain export trends          

b) Estimate of the Ukrainian grain export prospects     

c) Oilseed export trends and prospects           


2. SWOT-analysis of Ukraine’s grain and oilseed markets      


3. General characteristics of the grain and oilseed storage facility in Ukraine.   

3.1. Description of kinds and types of storage and transshipment systems       

3.2. Impact of seasonal factors on the load of elevators          

3.3. Seasonality in grain purchases by processing facilities       

3.4. Regional location of elevators according to the geography of grain production and consumption   


4. Grain and oilseed storage capacities of inland elevators. Competitive environment.  

4.1. State-owned elevators     

4.2. Elevators owned by international companies        

4.3. Elevators owned by agro holdings

4.4. Elevator services  

4.5. Industry development potential and trends with regard to a number of factors: climatic changes, cropping pattern changes, trade relations development in the Black Sea region, grain delivery logistics system   


5. Seaport capacities for handling grain in bulk

5.1. Port capacities for grain storage and transshipment in the Black and Azov Seas. Port grain handling facilities and elevators.        

a) Port capacities for grain transshipment        

b) Port capacities for grain storage      

5.2. Construction of new ports. Projects for upgrading and increasing capacity of existing ports.         


6. Container terminals of Ukraine        

6.1. General characteristics of container shipping. The Black Sea region’s place in the world container market           

6.2. Container capacities in Ukraine    

6.3. Transshipment of containerized grains. Prospects of containerized shipments        

6.4. Projects for constructing container terminals in Ukraine. Shortage or surplus?      

6.5. Potential for containerized export grain shipments from Ukraine   


7. River ports, elevators and terminals in Ukraine        

7.1. General characteristics of Ukraine’s river ports. Specialized grain handling facilities in river ports 

7.2. River elevators     

7.3. Projects for constructing and developing river elevators/terminals 


8. SWOT-analysis of different systems of grain storage and transshipment in Ukraine 

8.1. Comparative analysis of Ukraine’s major Black Sea ports           

8.2. SWOT-analysis of river terminals 

8.3. SWOT-analysis of river elevators

8.4. SWOT-analysis of containerized grain shipments


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