Fat-and-Oil Industry: Change of Priorities. Change of Leaders


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Rapid growth of crushing capacities continues in Ukraine. Three or four new sunseed crushing plants emerge in the market every year. Neither falling crushing margin nor raw material shortages nor competition stops investors.  As a result, a substantial imbalance between production capacities and raw material potential is already observed in many Ukrainian regions.

While traditional leaders of the market lose their positions, the rising “stars” expand own market shares.

Struggling for leadership in the sunoil market, companies invest not only in the construction of new plants but also strike merger and acquisition deals. In our opinion, the alignment of forces will change substantially already in the near future.

This leads to tougher requirements to the operation of crushers. To remain competitive in the market, present-day strategies should be applied. Special attention needs to be paid to deep processing of vegoils, since added-value products such as refined, bottled oil, phosphatide concentrate, lecithin currently account for an insignificant portion of fat-and-oil production and exports. 

UkrAgroConsult believes the coming changes will give a new impetus to the development of the Ukrainian fat-and-oil business and will help it become a leading branch of Ukraine’s economy for long.

Which companies are in the risk zone and may lose their market share? Which companies, on the contrary, intend to regain their leading positions?

Is Ukraine’s vegoil storage and transportation infrastructure developed enough?

How the pattern of export destinations of Ukrainian fat-and-oil products has changed in recent years, and what markets will be most promising?

When crushing capacities will switch from sunseed to other oilseeds?

Read about this and more in UkrAgroConsult’s new studyFat-and-Oil Industry: Change of Priorities. Change of Leaders.”


In addition, the study will include:

  •  Maps of oilseed crushing capacities by crop and region;
  •  producer ratings by product and company;
  •  exporter ratings by country, product, company, port, terminal etc.


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