Groats market in Ukraine


Groats market in UkraineThe development of Ukraine’s groats market is increasingly focused on exports. The 2017 pace of groats exports is almost 15% faster than a year ago. Egypt, Belarus, Israel and EU countries are interested in supplies of this commodity. Almost 0.5 Ml ha of land is allocated to groat crops (millet, buckwheat, oats, rice) in Ukraine. The expansion of exports creates prerequisites for further development of the food processing industry in Ukraine.



  1. Raw material resources

    1.1 Key trends in Ukrainian production of food and groat crops, including wheat, rye, corn, barley, buckwheat, oats, millet…

    1.2 Regional peculiarities of production. Drivers of the crop belts shift

    1.3 Foreign and domestic trade in raw materials for groats production

    1.4 Supply and demand balances by crop. Market dynamics and capacity

  2. Domestic market of grain products

    2.1 Key trends in Ukrainian production of flour and groats by type of groats

    2.2 Regional peculiarities of location of processing facilities

    2.3 Foreign trade in groats

    2.4 Domestic consumption and outlets for flour and groats

    2.5 Price behavior and market capacity

  3. Development trends and capacity of the market of food industry segments consuming most of flour and groats

    3.1 Bread production

    3.2 Production of pasta and instant foods

    3.3 Confectionary industry

  4. Description of key producers and other market participants
  5. Value-added chain
  6. Key development trends. Innovative products and solutions


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