Inputs market: Ready to meet the record high crops?


Inputs market, Seed market, capacity,

Grain macrops, agricultural, Growing markets of soybeans, sorghum, chickpea, linseed, mustard

A bumper grain crop of 100 MMT: to be or not to be? Crop rotation pattern. What will be planted and traded in Ukraine? Inputs market: where is its growth ceiling?

Despite a temporary drop in farmer revenues due to falling world grains and oilseeds prices, the inputs market continues growing.

In the future, producer revenue growth stemming from stronger agricultural product demand will lead to a further development jump in the inputs market. What advantageous positions can be taken in these markets ?


Seed market

  •  Seed market Seed market capacity
  •  New players, new investment
  •  Changes in market player strategies
  •  Growing markets of soybeans, sorghum, chickpea, linseed, mustard: growth forecasts
  •  Varietal preferences of growers


PPP market potential

  •  PPP market capacity: ahead by leaps and bounds
  •  Market structure, company shares 
  •  Future of Chinese chemicals


Agricultural machinery market as the most vulnerable factor curbing production growth

  •  Will Ukrainian producers reinforce their positions?
  •  Agricultural machinery imports and their prospects
  •  Market segmentation
  •  Most promising segments
  •  Capacity and growth potential of the market


Drivers and limiters of the inputs market

  •  weather factor
  •  price risks and market volatility
  •  financing of the agricultural sector
  •  legislative shortcomings
  •  land reform and its future


Studies for each of the markets (seed, PPP, agricultural machinery) can be purchased separately.



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