Land resources of Ukraine. All the investor needs to know


●  Where are the best land parcels?

 ●  What is to be cultivated and where?

 ●  What are the laws?

 ●  What are the taxes?

 ●  How much does it cost?

 ●  What is the outlook?

Ukraine has come close to lifting the farm land sale moratorium. On the threshold of the land market’s opening, agri market participants – from the largest holding on down to the owner of a small land share – are facing a multitude of questions related both to legislation and strategy.

In the opinion UkrAgroConsult, the land market will be inevitably partially opened from January 1, 2017. All the interested parties should get prepared for this milestone event to make use of the looming opportunities as much as possible.

UkrAgroConsult’s study “Opening Ukraine’s Land Market: Opportunities and Prospects” is aimed at potential investors into Ukrainian land resources.

The study imparts an understanding of what agroclimatic conditions are specific to different regions of Ukraine and which regions are most favorable for growing certain crops.

In addition, the report answers important questions such as quantitative and qualitative distribution of the land resource, trends in the existing land markets, legislative and legal regulation of land use and provides a forecast of post-trends likely to result from the moratorium cancellation.  


  1. Land bank of Ukraine
    1. General description of the land bank. Soil types by region. Climate description of the regions.
    2. Dynamics and drivers of acreage pattern changes (arable lands, perennial plantations…).
    3. Growing zones for key field crops. Arable land pattern and dynamics of its changes
    4. Value-added chain for staple crops
  2. Legislative regulation of land use
    1. Legislation on land reform in Ukraine
    2. Regulation of the farm land market
    3. Deals in the land market
    4. Mortgaging of farm land
  3. Land use scheme
    1. Farming companies in Ukraine
    2. Production priorities of farming companies
  4. Major land operators (holdings) in Ukraine
    1. Methods of farm land accumulation
    2. Key agri holdings in Ukraine

4.2.1. Ranking, geographic location, priority activities

4.2.2. Key features of agri holding strategies

  1. Economic environment for agricultural business and land use
    1. Tax system
    2. Market drivers
    3. Financing
  2. Development outlook for the land market
    1. Standard evaluation of farm land
    2. Price trends in the land market
    3. Risks for land users
  3. Opening the land market. Forecast for port-trends
    1.  Opening the land market: forecast for the farm structure
    2.  New reality: Strategies of key groups of agri market participants
    3.  Ukraine: key tools for increasing profitability of farms


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