LEGAL IMPLICATIONS of the amendments to agriculture products` (milk, meat, cereals) export-import regulation following the signing of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement


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custom, foreign trade, standardization, certification, technical regulation"

The Goal of association between Ukraine and European Union is ensuring tighter relations between Ukraine and EU countries through partnership, political dialogue and economic integration.



1. Introduction. 2

2. General legislative provisions regulating trade relations. 3

2.1. International treaties of Ukraine regulating the responsibilities in the sphere of international trade. 3

2.2. Obligations of Ukraine towards Russian Federation and Commonwealth of Independent States concerning foreign trade. Advantages of trade within the customs union (trade within the Russia-Kazakhstan-Belarus union). 4

2.3. Obligations of Ukraine in the sphere of international trade within the framework of participating in the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development. Trade advantages within the union. 7

2.4. National legislation of Ukraine concerning the international trade. Requirements concerning food safety. 9

3. General legislative provisions on non-tariff regulation. 10

3.1. Legislative system of Ukraine concerning standardization, certification, technical regulation. 10

3.2. Food safety regulatory aspects. 10

3.3. Allocating investment support of agricultural producers. 12

3.4. Main railway lines reconstruction serving as an element of market adjustment to the free-trade area. 12

4. Tariffs and quota allocation of agricultural products (milk, meat, cereals) export/import. 13

4.1 Tariffs regulation and export quota allocation according to the current legislation of Ukraine. 13

4.2. Tariffs regulation and import quota allocation according to the current legislation of Ukraine. 15

4.3. Amendments to tariffs regulation and export/import quota allocation after Association Agreement Association Agreement’s entry into force and in the process of free-trade area formation. 16

4.4. Prospective amendments to customs regulation related to the Association Agreement. 17

5. Domestic market protection within the framework of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. 18

5.1. Ukraine`s application of safeguard measures in accordance with the Agreement provisions. 18

5.2. Safeguard measures in accordance with the provisions of WTO agreements. 19

5.3. Domestic market protection in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. 20

5.4. Food producers subsidization. 21

6. Regulations for the Association Agreement enrty into force and the transition period. 22

6.1. Agreement`s entry into force in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and with the provisions envisaged in the Agreement. 22

6.2. Obligations of Ukraine during the transition period of the free-trade area formation. 24

7. Conclusions. 25


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