Oilseeds market in Ukraine: Toughening competition for oilseed feedstock


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The summary review Oilseeds Market in Ukraine presents detailed information on key oilseeds (sunseed, soybeans, rapeseed) in 2002-2013 and a forecast for 2014-2015.

The review contains historic records and comments regarding production and crushing capacities by region and by company. A supply & demand analysis and foreign economic activity data are presented as well.

The review embraces the following issues:

- Pattern of oilseed plantings, its changes;

- Production trends (planted areas, yields, harvests). Key growing regions;

- Oilseeds production prospects for 2014-2015;

- Crushing capacities. Key players and their shares;

- Foreign economic activity. Export destination countries. Key exporters and their shares in total export;

- Exports through sea ports. Key port operators;

- State regulation of foreign trade operations;

- Supply and demand balances.


Release of the review: May 2014

Preparedness: fully prepared

File format: PDF

Languages: English and Russian

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