Profitability of niche grain and oil crops production


In recent years the interest in niche grain and oil crops such as millet, linseed, beans, coriander, lentils has been increasing in Ukraine. The interest in these crops is promoted by several factors, including the possibility of their widespread cultivation in Ukraine and high profitability.

Experts of UkrAgroConsult believe that economic profitability of these crops production is ranged between 10% and 200%.

At the same time, according to UkrAgroConsult, the share of farming enterprises growing the niche crops is no more than 5-7% in the structure of agricultural production. Low productivity of such crops in Ukraine shows that farmers do not pay enough attention to possibility of improving the productivity, thereby reducing the efficiency of cultivation which results in receiving less profit.

UkrAgroConsult believes that implementation of various strategic objectives in growing of niche crops may increase the efficiency of agricultural production and diversify potential risk in growing the basic kinds of grain and oil crops.

The detailed information on trends and prospects of niche grain and oilseeds production is available in the study conducted by UkrAgroConsult "Profitability of niche grain and oil crops production".


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