Refined sunoil market in Ukraine: Untapped capacity


Unchangeably holding the top position among world sunoil exporters, Ukraine looks for more profitable fat-an-oil segments. Refined sunoil exports have increased more than two and a half times over the last five years, to a record 446 KMT in MY 2016/17.

The key driver of the rise in shipments was narrowing margins of crude sunoil production and exports and the need to find more effective business solutions. Fat-and-oil plants overcame the 2013-2015 crisis and increased refined sunoil output by 2016. At the same time, domestic consumption of this product continued shrinking.

In view of the saturation of the domestic market of refined sunoil, the necessity has naturally arisen to expand its end markets by the means of foreign sales. Export statistics of the recent years confirm that exporters successfully accomplish the tasks they face.

In the opinion of UkrAgroConsult, Ukrainian fat-and-oil plants will build up production of refined sunoil in the medium-term outlook (the coming 3-5 years). This will make possible for Ukraine to become the largest exporter of not only crude sunoil but also of refined one.


The study covers the following points:

1.   Raw material resources. Key trends in the crude sunoil market

2.  Sunoil clarification methods (stages)

3.   Description of the refined sunoil market. Trends and changes, 2011/12-016/17

4.   Key players. Domination in the market. Refining capacities

5.  Key domestic outlets

6.  Refined sunoil as a worthy alternative to crude sunoil exports. Export flows

7.  Top exporters and their market shares

8.  Refined sunoil shipments

9.  Handling of refined sunoil in ports


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