River grain terminals in the Black Sea Region: Focusing on the future



Study of new sector of grain export logistics


UkrAgroConsult is pleased to announce for key decision makers the STUDY RIVER GRAIN TERMINALS IN THE BLACK SEA REGION: FOCUSING ON THE FUTURE.

The Study will provide you with up-to-dated analysis and forecasts on river ports development in the most important Black Sea countries (UKRAINE, RUSSIA, ROMANIA, BULGARIA, MOLDOVA) alongside by Dnieper, Dnestr, Volga, Don and Danube.

Rivers and land near the waterways are always the centers of cereal production and trading.

Recent changes in crop production structure as well as in the logistics chain ‘from the field to the seaport’ led to a new trend in grain generating for exports by rivers – by ‘river/sea’ type of vessels.

Global warming makes the grain traders to find alternative transport modes to reduce their marketing costs. Alongside food deficit countries seek to reduce the end-consumers’ prices for wheat and other grains.

These factors allow UkrAgroConsult predicting an increasing share of grain transportation via rivers while deliveries by railway and trucks would be stable or even tend to decline.

The multi-client approach enables clients to obtain the results of ambitious research projects at a fraction of the overall costs involved in undertaking such studies.

Fees. Companies which confirm their decision to subscribe to the proposed Study River Grain Terminals in the Black Sea region: focusing on the future, during the initial period of the study's launch will be entitled to do so at the charter fee of EURO 2400. After this period, the fee will rise.

Half of the fee is to be paid on subscribing. The balance will be due on delivery of the study.

Work of the study will begin after an adequate level of sponsorship will be reached.

Delivery. Subscribers to the study will receive the electronic version (and hard copy if needed). The study's launch period will run off on January 31, 2013.

Discounts. Subscribers of UkrAgroConsult’s weekly newsletters are granted with 5% discount.

Key Topics of the Study:

  •  Potential of grain crops in the Black Sea countries, 2008-2015
  •  Foreign demand for Black Sea grain: current trends in exports, competition in the world market, development of new markets
  •  Supply and demand balances and price movement, 2008-2015
  •  River ports and terminals in the Black Sea region
  •  Throughput capacity
  •  Handling volumes by port
  •  Price structure
  •  Comparative characteristics of ports
  •  Accumulation of cargoes in port-elevators
  •  Main setbacks in the ports operations and river shipping
  •  Competitiveness of grain transportation by river against railways and trucks
  •  Prospects for new ports development. Opportunities for new market players

The subscribers who confirm their decision to order the study are welcomed to offer their own questions to be included in the study.


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