Russia Grain Logistics System: Terminals, Silos and Transportation Services


UkrAgroConsult  announces the start of its work on the new comprehensive multi-client study “Russia Grain Logistics System: Terminals, Silos and Transportation Services.”

Out of the Black Sea countries, Russia has expanded its presence in the global grain market over the recent years. The increase in Russia’s export potential was greatly promoted by the grain market infrastructure’s development. In the future, its widening and upgrading will continue to be decisive factors for grain exports and market changes in neighboring countries (Ukraine, The Baltic States).

The study envisages assessment of Russia’s grain production and export potential, analysis of logistics systems of grain delivery for export, development prospects for the country’s transport infrastructure, and various factors influencing the market on the whole.

Tentative contents of the study:

I. Inland Grain Storage Market

II. Grain Transportation by Railway
2.1. Description of the Russia Railway System
2.2. Grain carrying railcar fleet and its owners
2.3. Tariffs. Competition with trucks’ transportation
2.4. Prospects of the branch

III. Grain Export Infrastructure Development
3.1. Grain Handling Capacities in sea ports and Port Grain terminals
3.2.  River Grain Export Terminals and Silos
3.3. Construction of News Ports. Investments in Widening and Upgrading the Grain Handling Capacities

IV. Exporters in Russia’s ports
4.1. Key Grain Exporters from Russia
4.2. Operators in the ports
4.3. Structure of Grain Export Vessels (bulkers)

The cost of the study is Euro 1360.