Supply Chain of Grain Production & Exports in Ukraine


Ukraine’s Agriculture Sector remains one of the most attractive global investment targets, despite of economic and political crisis. Now is exactly the right time to act. Ukrainian agriculture sector values are at or near the bottom. Capitalization of public agrarian holdings fell by 56% to EUR 1.8 billion in 2014 and started growing back in 2015. As of February 25 2015, capitalization bounced back to EUR 2.1 billion. Stable high production volumes, resulting from implementation of new technology and management, coupled with low operating costs and growing global demand for food and commodities, has delivered solid returns for strategic and financial investors. 

While we cannot recommend investments to our risk-averse clients, we believe that current conditions will benefit those willing to accept risk now, as they will enjoy large benefits in the future. Join to early market entrants as value begins their inevitable move in the other direction. The current crisis and global commodity price lull made investments in Ukrainian agriculture even more profitable than they already were.

UkrAgroConsult proposes Supply Chain of Grain Production & Exports in Ukraine that will guide you through grain market supply chain, allowing you to understand and evaluate existing opportunities.

Language of the research study –  English.


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