Ukraine: Climate risk management and ag production strategies, 2013-2025


At present UkrAgroConsult is pleased to announce a NEW STUDY

Ukraine: Climate risk management and ag production strategies, 2013-2025

•    What climate scenarios are predicted for Ukraine in 2013-2025?
•    How will climate changes influence ag production and crop rotation?
•    Will Ukraine be able to harvest grains twice a year?
•    What strategies of crops farming will be the most effective in the next 10-12 years?
•    Will Ukraine be ready to expand production on irrigated lands?

The Study will provide you with up-to-dated analysis and forecasts on changes in the crop structure in Ukraine under influence of agro climatic conditions.

The Study covers the main agri products: winter wheat, winter barley, spring wheat, spring barley, peas, corn, sorghum, sunseed, rapeseed, and soybean.

Breakdown by agri climatic zones

The cost of the study is 1100 Euro.

Contents of the study

1.    Changes in global and regional climate

2.    Tendencies in climate changes in Ukraine

2.1.    Temperature
2.2.    Precipitation
2.3.    Scenarios of climate changes

3.    Climate changes influence on productivity of main agricultural products (with breakdown by agri climatic zones)

3.1.    Forecast  of agri climatic indicators
3.2.    Influence on winter and spring crop yields
3.3.    Oilseeds crops and their structure
3.4.    Recommendation for ag production strategies under influence of climate changes
3.5.    Perspectives of grain and oilseeds production in 2013-2025

4.    Profitability of ag crops production

4.1.    Comparison of ag crops profitability
4.2.    Crop production on irrigated lands
4.3.    Trends in insects and diseases distribution of ag crops under new climate scenarios. Influence of seeds, crop protection and fertilizers markets

5.    Grain market: forecast of supply and demand, 2013-2025

5.1.    Perspectives of ag production for 2013-2025
5.2.    World and domestic demand for mentioned crops
5.3.    Price movement on basis of mathematical models, 2013-2025