Ukraine: Drivers for grain storage and handling system


Expanding grain production and exports to record heights in Ukraine was the main reason for modifying the structure of crop storage and transport systems over the last years. In view of volatile global demand and variable grain production, the traditional schemes and methods of grain storage and logistics need to be changed correspondingly.

The formation of big enterprises specializing in agricultural production and exports in Ukraine attracted larger investments in the grain market infrastructure development, mainly in grain storage facilities. This is accompanied by increase in capacities for the companies’ internal needs. The use of alternative storage methods, which are innovative for Ukraine, has expanded against the background of storage market segmentation.

The establishment and development of river grain shipping system is the newest method of exports in Ukraine, combining economic benefit and efforts to preserve the environment.

Containerization of export grain shipments in Ukraine has been developing for a few years now and is provided with enough infrastructure, but is actually at the initial stage of its formation.

The innovations in grain storage and handling systems allow market players to more flexibly respond to changes in both the external (export demand and the world market) and internal environments, and boost their competitiveness.

In view of predicted boost in Ukraine’s grain outputs and exports, logistic system innovations will play a still greater role in future, ensuring agricultural business efficiency and making the Black Sea region a more important grain supplier of the world.



1. The Main Tendencies for Grain and Oil Crops Production in Ukraine

1.1. Grain production

1.2. Production of oil crops

1.3. Domestic consumption. Tendencies of consumption and grain processing, major users. Balance of a supply and demand in Ukraine

1.4. Estimation of export potential of grain and oil crops in Ukraine

2. SWOT-analysis of grain and oilseeds markets of Ukraine

3. General Characteristics of Grain and Oil Crops Storage Branch in Ukraine

3.1. Description of kinds and types of grain storage and transloading systems

3.2. Influence of seasonal factors on loading of elevators

3.3. Seasonal prevalence in grain purchases by processing enterprises

3.4. Regional positioning of elevators in relation to geography of grain production and consumption

4. Capacities for Grain and Oil Crops Storage of Internal Elevators. Level of Competition

4.1. Elevators in state ownership

4.2. Elevators in the property of the international companies

4.3. Elevators in the property of agroholdings

4.4. Services of elevators

4.5. Potential and tendencies of the branch’s development from the point of view of different factors: climate changes, changes of sowings’ pattern, developments of trade connections in the Black Sea region, logistical system of grain delivery

5. Seaport Capacities for Handling Grain in Bulk

5.1. Port capacities for grain storage and transshipment in the Black and Azov Seas. Port grain handling facilities and elevators

5.1. Elevators in the property of the international companies

5.2. Estimated theoretical grain-handling capacities in Ukraine

5.3. Development trends in Ukraine’s grain-handling sector

5.4. Estimated actual grain-handling capacities in Ukraine’s seaports

5.5. Quantitative estimate of load of terminals, 2005-2012

5.6. Grain storage capacities in the ports

5.7. Dynamics of grain-handling tariffs in Ukraine, 2005-2012

5.8. Assessment of competitive advantages of major ports and terminals

5.9. Construction of new ports. Projects for upgrading and increasing capacity of existing ports

6. River ports, Elevators and Terminals in Ukraine

6.1. General characteristics of Ukraine’s river ports. Specialized grain handling facilities in river ports

6.2. River elevators

6.3. Projects for constructing and developing water elevators/terminals

7. Container Terminals of Ukraine

7.1. General description of container shipping. The Black Sea region’s place in the world container market

7.2. Container capacities in Ukraine

7.3. Transshipment of containerized grains. Prospects of containerized shipments

7.4. Projects for constructing container terminals in Ukraine. Shortage or surplus?

7.5. Prospects and potential for containerized grain shipments from Ukraine


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