Ukraine: Investment climate in agrarian sector. 2011 Results. 2012 Forecast


Research study “Ukraine: Investment Climate in Agrarian Sector. 2011 Results. 2012 Forecast” will include overall investment analysis of 17 companies which are involved in production of agricultural commodities in Ukraine and are public companies, thus their stock is publicly traded on foreign stock exchanges. The study will include analysis of the risks associated with placing capital in stock of the companies mentioned above as well as the major advantages based on 2011 share performance (volatility, rate of return, capitalization).

Research study will include analysis of the key financial indicators of the companies for 2011 (including actual reported ones and forecasted). Key ratios have been calculated for comparative analysis. Thus we receive overall performance picture for 2011.     

Finally, we will be able to compare and analyze share price trends and tendencies of changes of 2011 financial indicators, allowing forecast for 2012.

Research study will provide brief timeline summary of changes in Ukrainian law for 2011, including major changes that either directly or indirectly affected performance of the companies included in the study. Thus by including those additional factors we will receive more detailed and precise analysis, allowing for even better forecast for 2012.


  1.  Analysis of IPO market in Ukraine: agro holdings in 2011;
  2.  Financial results and share price changes: correlation in 2011;
  3.  Comparative analysis of residual risk (δе) of companies – components of Ukrainian Agrarian Index (© UkrAgroConsult);
  4.  Agrarian policy in Ukraine: law making system and political risks for business;
  5.  Investments in agrarian sector of Ukraine: potential and future tendencies.

*Companies that will be included in this research study: Alpcot Agro (STO: ALPA), Sintal Agriculture (FSE: SNPS), Myronyvskiy Khliboproduct (LSE: MHP), Kernel: (WSE: KER), Mriya (FSE: MAYA), Agroton (WSE: AGT), Astarta (WSE: AST), MCB Agricole (4GW1), Agrogeneration (PSE: ALAGR), Avanagard (LSE: AVGR), Milkiland (WSE: MLK), Industrial Milk Company (WSE: MLK), KSG Agro (WSE: KSG), Ovostar Union (WSE: OVO), Ukrproduct (LSE: UKR), Agroliga (WSE: AGLP), Continental Farmers Group (LSE: CFGP).

Please note that you may purchase of one or several companies from this study separately. The price will be negotiated accordingly.


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