Ukrainian Grain Sector in Transition: from Exports to Processing


Ukraine is one of the first on the list of top world grain and vegoil suppliers. Though, at the background of rather low prices, growing exports are accompanied by the margin`s squeeze.  

In other words, it is getting harder to get profit from trade in raw materials and the situation itself gives hints to organize projects on deeper level of processing and consequently with higher added value.

UkrAgroConsult`s study  «Ukrainian Grain Sector in Transition: from Exports to Processing» is devoted to reveal the following: factors defining the movement of world demand for commodities of grain and livestock breeding sector, regional drivers of agro production consumption  in the major world clusters, change of accents in production and consumption. But the key point is how the position of Ukraine on the world food market and which scenarios can possibly promote the country from the raw material trade to deliveries to higher added value products.  


Chapter 1. Growth of world economy and consumption as the factors of agro grain sector`s investment attraction  

  1. Factor analysis of world tendencies in consumption of grain and livestock breeding sectors` commodities
  2. Scenarios of world consumption development (FAO, World Bank etc.)

Chapter 2. Agrarian policy and agro market development

Chapter 3. Regional review on agro products` consumption

Food consumption of agro products (EU, USA, Latin America, Asia, Africa, CIS)  

For each region:

  • Agro production, structural changes
  • Livestock breeding, production of food products
  • Dependency on imports, foreign trade

Chapter 4. Potential of Ukraine on world food market

  1. Grain and processed products
  • Ukraine`s position on the world grain market  
  • Production
  • Domestic consumption  
  • Strengthening of influence on the world market. Competition
  • Supply markets` expansion
    1. Meat/milk sector
  • Key tendencies in livestock breeding sector  
  • Tendencies in the food industry
  • Domestic consumption  
  • Position of the export markets
    1. Chain of value added product`s creation. From the grain to meat.   
    2. Competition on the food market. Advantages and disadvantages of Ukrainian food industry`s products  

Chapter 5. Scenarios of Ukrainian products` promotion to potential world supply markets.


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