Ukrainian market of rapeseed and processed products


Before 2013/14, all the rapeseed grown in Ukraine was shipped abroad because it was more profitable to export this crop than process it inside the country.

However, last season’s results indicates that Ukraine has every chance to turn from a raw material exporter into an exporter of finished products with high added value.

In the opinion of UkrAgroConsult, Ukrainian production and exports of rape oil/meal/oilcake will be able to reach new records in the new season 2015/16 because an increasing number of companies show interest in processing this oilseed.   

The “Ukrainian market of rapeseed and processed products” review from UkrAgroConsult reflects all the new changes and trends in this market. 

The review covers the following areas:

-Trends and prospects of the Ukrainian rapeseed market. Rape growing regions in Ukraine;

-Domestic processing of rapeseed raw material. Processing capacities. Plans for increasing the capacities;

- Rape oil/meal/oilcake production trends. Ranking of producers;

-Foreign trade (rapeseed, rape oil, meal/oilcake). Ukraine’s role in the global trade. Geography of exports. Pattern of exports. Ranking of exporters;

- Supply and demand balances;

-Pricing in the rapeseed market.


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