Business Planning

  • Business plan is a document that allows evaluation of either company or project development potential. Each investment project requires business plan which would allow assessment of project growth rate, return on investment as well as other details. Business plan also gives an answer  whether given project is worth investing in today.
  • International Standards of Business Planning clearly state the requirements of Business Plan drafting and UkrAgroConsult analysts follow the rules and guidelines of the Standard.

Structured approach to Business Planning:

  • Resume – includes main characteristics of the project presented in the form of assessment results. Usually includes project goal, its description, structure, strong and weak points, market environment analysis, financial results, forecasted growth rates, conclusions and recommendations.  
  • Organizational structure is a detailed description of the project purpose, its components. This part also includes strong and weak points of the investment opportunity, technical details.
  • Market analysis includes general market description and analysis with more detailed focus on project environment. Potential competitors, market entry strategy, target audience, supply and demand assessment and pricing policy are included in this section.
  • Financial assessment constitutes a set of indicators that include but are not limited to: capital investment size, project variable costs, profitability, break-even point analysis, internal rate of return, payback period, profitability index, etc.
  • Documentation and attachments – this section holds copies of the original documents used, financial reports, and other raw data used in the calculations.


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