Chairman of the Board of Directors

Nataliya Vasylyuk

Nataliya Vasylyuk

Financial Highlights

Indicator 9М 2016, $ mil. 9М 2015, $ mil.
Sales Revenue 111,1 176,5
Net income (38,8) (150,5)
Current assets 156,1 207,7
Assets, total 548,4 689,9
Current liabilities 94,6 318,8
Liabilities, total 390,1 390,9
Equity 158,3 293,9
Cash from operating act-s. (4,6) 6,8
Cash from investing act-s. (8,4) (30,4)
Cash from financing act-s. (4,1) (6,9)
Cash at the end of the period 14,3 42,3






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Avangard is one of the leading vertically integrated companies, involved in egg production in Ukraine. Company is a part of Ukrlandfarming holding (main beneficiary – Oleg Bahmatyuk), as its main activities are egg products and egg production.

Company is operating in the national market, as well as foreign markets, exporting in more than 38 countries worldwide.

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